Heba was a member of my team for few months in 2007 before an internal restructure took place. I enjoyed working with Heba as an ambitious Emirati and was impressed by her hard work, creativity and commitment. Her core competency at that time was the Content Management Systems especially IBM Web Sphere WCM and Portal. She continued working on her skills and I am happy to observe her success in the area of Web 2.0 technologies


I had the pleasure to work with Heba Al Samt at Dubai Holding and Tecom during the period of 2007-2010. Heba is a good example for highly self motivated and innovative professional. She is a hard worker and very focused on what she do. Her work is her passion which made her professional and social life full of achievements. Very humble and strong Emarati women at the same time. I see a great potential for her to lead big initiatives in many areas such as IT, Media and Social Networking. I wish her all the best

Mohammed AlRais

It was an absolute pleasure to have Heba speak and present at my Cool Twitter Conference in Dubai in November 2009. She made a wonderful presentation providing her perspective on the use of social media in the Middle East. I would definitely have Heba speak again if the opportunity presents itself.

Bob Fine

Heba is a trove of hidden talents. We’ve worked together on several projects over the past 4 years, and in each instance I discover something new in Heba that simply delights. Heba’s Emiratweet initiative and its almost overnight success is a testament to her strong desire to make a difference and have a positive impact on her community.

Naima Shaikh

Heba is an outstanding professional, who is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver great results. Her attention to detail is remarkable and she brings with her detailed knowledge and dedication in New Media.

Mohammed Ashfaq Shaikh

Heba is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind. Heba is a dedicated professional always willing to help others achieve their goals. Heba is an inspiration because of her passion to strive for the best. She has the passion, the vision, and the persistence to succeed. Highly recommended to all others.

Ismail Mohamed Sidiya

Heba is a young lady who I got to know when I co hosted the “Her Say” show. The first thing that caught my attention about her is her attention to details and her courage. Heba is a true example of never to judge a book by its cover. Her passion, drive and enthusiasm for everything and everyone is astounding and she inspires us to do more and push ourselves and let our inner voice come out.
I would recommend her any day as someone who is dependable and trustworthy and extremely hardworking.

Aida Al Busaidy

If someone is looking for a role model of a young, self-driven Emirati woman with limitless ambitions, Heba is the one they should be looking for! Dedicated to best results in any activity she engages, Heba is known to be punctual and deliverable-oriented with minimal, or almost no supervision. Her excellence exceeds the workplace to other social and non-profit community activities to which she contributed hugely. Heba is one of the most distinguished individuals that I highly recommend.

Firas Al Atiyat