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Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet

Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet ( short form of the technical term internetwork ). To understand how, we must understand the Internet’s evolution over the years.

The internet started as what is now called “Web 1.0”. Remember? This term used to describe the conceptual evolution of the World Wide Web. Technologically, web 1.0 concentrated on presenting, not creating. User-generated content was not available on web 1.0 webpages. The web was an information portal. No more. No less. It lacked scalability, interaction & context.

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Are you an Influencer ?


Having an online life means constantly keeping up with our social networking sites, blogging as much as possible, and staying in touch with our network. But with all of that don’t you want to know if you are affecting people’s life positively? You don’t need to be famous or be in a high-profile position to be a person of influence. We are all influencers whether we intend it or not. Becoming a person of influence is not a quick, rapid, and spontaneous process. It takes time, effort and practice of some behaviors.

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