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Do and Don’ts of Facebook Reactions

By now I believe that all of you know that the new Facebook reactions are here and gone are the days of the simple “Like.” Today we can express our love, anger, laughter, surprise and sadness on our friends’ posts. We’ll probably never get a true “dislike” button on Facebook, but at least Facebook  started to roll out something closer.


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If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.32.21 AMMany might have realized a change it his/her Twitter profile page which looks an awful lot like Facebook, and chances are, you have a strong opinion about it, I know I do!

Among many major changes which are the user’s main picture and bio which are now scaled to the left, and the more space dedicated to the header photo. This revamped timeline makes tweets look larger and focus more on photos. Also, tweets with more engagement appear larger in user timelines, and you can filter based on photos/videos, replies and so on.

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Outsourcing social media management

Should I Outsource My Social Media Management?

Well, I am not against outsourcing but part of the beauty of social media is its authenticity. Social media is built on trust and real credibility and by outsourcing it you are misleading people and you lose the trust.

Outsourcing takes the “social” out of social networking. Social networking requires a personal connection with those you are trying to network with. You can only do this yourself. To me outsourcing social media is like hiring someone else to answer your phone or email pretending to be you. (image this for a bit) would you do that? Hope not!

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Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet

Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet ( short form of the technical term internetwork ). To understand how, we must understand the Internet’s evolution over the years.

The internet started as what is now called “Web 1.0”. Remember? This term used to describe the conceptual evolution of the World Wide Web. Technologically, web 1.0 concentrated on presenting, not creating. User-generated content was not available on web 1.0 webpages. The web was an information portal. No more. No less. It lacked scalability, interaction & context.

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