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BlackBerry Z10: Likes & Dislikes ..

The Z10 harphoto11dware is impressive I must say, great display, responsive and has a nice texture on the back, making it comfortable to hold.

 Is the BlackBerry Z10 a groundbreaking smartphone? No, but it is a compelling BlackBerry device and runs on a solid new operating system.

I have been using the Z10 for few days and am finding things I really like about the OS and device and a few things I don’t.

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Smartphones Have Revolutionized The Way We Communicate


“With endless applications, high-speed wireless Internet access, and free messaging services, smart phones have revolutionized the way we communicate”

Nowadays, we (Smartphones users) are closely “attached” to our mobile devices. Without our phone we feel “lost,” “tense,” or “not updated.” where on the other hand regular phone users feel free or quiet without their phones.