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Smartphones Have Revolutionized The Way We Communicate


“With endless applications, high-speed wireless Internet access, and free messaging services, smart phones have revolutionized the way we communicate”

Nowadays, we (Smartphones users) are closely “attached” to our mobile devices. Without our phone we feel “lost,” “tense,” or “not updated.” where on the other hand regular phone users feel free or quiet without their phones.

TV Shows and Hashtags

“I strongly believe that TV Shows shouldn’t have a twitter account they can create a hash-tag & communicate with the audience through the Channel’s account” – Heba AlSamt

Today, the impact of social media on media has been to such an extent that even television channels are making their presence. Television channels are using the power of social media to increase the popularity of the shows which is awesome knowing that nowadays people are found multitasking on digital devices while in front of a television and sharing with their friends and live tweeting.

So Why a “hashtag” and not an “account”?

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VOD is growing …

VOD (Video On Demand) is taking over the world … yes I believe in that.

Video on demand continues to expand around the world every day, which means that  TV content will find a wider audience globally. Nowadays, video is in demand, as never before. The days when if you missed an episode of a TV series you had to borrow a tape from a friend or wait for a repeat of the show is gone. Today we as audience are used to watching what we like, when we like, and we do not have to miss a thing. The audience is in control and this should be considered by all of the broadcasters and TV channels.

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iOS6 is out ..

Apple released iOS 6 to the public today making the download available to users of recent iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch models and it’s available in for UAE users now. iOS 6 adds over 200 new features, like Apple’s own Maps app, Facebook integration, Siri improvements and more.

Be patient as the rush to download the update usually slows the update process to a crawl.

For what I’ve seen so far iOS 6 has given the user more features to make the things we do every day even better. For anyone who has received a late night text message disturbing their sleep, or accidentally received a dumb phone call in the middle of a meeting, the new Do Not Disturb feature is a lifesaver. Moreover, here are few features I loved …

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Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet

Digital/Social Media is different from the Internet ( short form of the technical term internetwork ). To understand how, we must understand the Internet’s evolution over the years.

The internet started as what is now called “Web 1.0”. Remember? This term used to describe the conceptual evolution of the World Wide Web. Technologically, web 1.0 concentrated on presenting, not creating. User-generated content was not available on web 1.0 webpages. The web was an information portal. No more. No less. It lacked scalability, interaction & context.

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What is #ff on Twitter?

Have you seen the #ff on your timeline today? #ff stands for “Follow Friday” and is a signal of your support and recommendation of fellow Twitter users to your friends. It encourages users to refer their followers to interesting ‘Tweeters’ the first user is interested in or admires or thinks is particularly knowledgeable on a topic. This started in 2009 when one man was considering the issue of who to follow – how to find good people on twitter.

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Timeline for Facebook Fan Pages

Here we go again .. Facebook New Timeline have made its way from profiles to fan pages now!

An annoying change with the new Facebook timeline is that you can no longer have a landing page or welcome tab for your business page, a favored feature for many savvy brands. I believe that this option was one of the primary ways to control the first impression a user encountered. Not having this option will drastically change user impressions when they first visit the page. Maybe brands should be translating their key messages into visual images before it gets forced on us!

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The New Timeline

Facebook have done it again 🙂 .. Facebook’s biggest user interface the Facebook Timeline, is now becoming mandatory for all users. According to facebook, everyone will get the new Timeline over the next few weeks. (we can run but we can’t hide).. I don’t know what is “Facebook” thinking but for me all of this is one big dislike button. I never liked myspace and now facebook is becoming a blue strapped version of it!

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