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We don’t know how to be social without our phones!

We can agree to disagree that we have passed the point of having fun without documenting it.

I have noticed many things recently and that’s not only in the teen generation we millennials are guilty of it too. Everywhere we go all heads are down even when a group are sitting/ hanging out together. The only time the heads are up is when someone says let’s take a selfie our a group photo and after inspecting and confirming the picture heads are down again.

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#ADMS2014 Hangover

logo_tcm30-19625The Abu Dhabi Media Summit fifth edition took place last week with the theme ‘Driving & Sustaining Future Media in MENA and Beyond’ featuring more than 600 participants, 70 speakers and 14 panel discussions led by  leaders of the media industry.

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Girls in ICT Day



International Girls’ in ICT Day is an initiative backed by ITU Member States in ITU Plenipotentiary Resolution 70 (Guadalajara, 2010) to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies (ICTs).Read more

An Old New iPhone


Whether you have an iPhone5 or an iPhone4 iOS7 makes the iPhone feel reborn.

iOS7 is now available and as you all have learned, it’s different & polished. Alot of people commented and judged it from the first look yet after using it am sure they were impressed. Yes, few things needs tweaking but Apple are good in that and all will happen without us noticing … Read more

Instagram Videos

Instagram just launched video functionality, which is 15 seconds in length with a variety of 13 new  filters. It also supports editing, which allows users to delete clips they don’t like and add new ones. Additionally, Facebook announced a new “Cinema” feature that digitally stabilizes video as it is captured on the iPhone or Android phones.

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The Q10!


IMG_1695I am so happy to ditch the Z10 for the Q10. Compared to the Z10, the Z10 keyboard is GREAT as a virtual touchscreen keyboard, but my personal preference is physical keys. When using a touchscreen keyboard, you lack the passion you get from pressing into the keys. For example, if you are frustrated or angry, you usually use more force while you type and you express your feelings through the ALT button and the exclamation mark to get the exclamation mark. On the Z10, you don’t have that feeling, and it’s kind of boring!
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Chief Digital Officer

imageessToday I passed by an article which stated that:

Gartner is predicting that by 2015, 25% of organizations will have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and further estimated that 20% of existing chief information officers (CIOs) have already taken on some of the responsibilities of the CDO.

The world is going digital. If you still didn’t realize this maybe it’s time for you to crawl out from under that rock. Nowadays, how well information is used may determine the success of a service or product.

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Data After Death

 Have you ever wondered what happens to your data after you die?

digital-willI remember few weeks ago I was discussing this with my friends, who were not very happy to hear me discuss what I want them to do when I die. But really with all our online activities what do you think will happen to your twitter, facebook, emails, instagram etc. accounts when you’re gone?! Well, I still want you to tag and mention me (just kidding).

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BlackBerry Z10: Likes & Dislikes ..

The Z10 harphoto11dware is impressive I must say, great display, responsive and has a nice texture on the back, making it comfortable to hold.

 Is the BlackBerry Z10 a groundbreaking smartphone? No, but it is a compelling BlackBerry device and runs on a solid new operating system.

I have been using the Z10 for few days and am finding things I really like about the OS and device and a few things I don’t.

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Smartphones and Boredom


Take a look arsmartphonestound today at people in line at a grocery store or waiting for their bags at the airport .. What do you see?! Most of them are staring down into a glowing mobile device,  passing time by checking on friends, catching up on texts or e-mail or playing a game. Thanks to technology, we can see a change in how people today kill time.

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