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اهمل بإهتمام و اهتم باهمال

  imageeesالإهتمام ضرورة إنسانية تساعدنا على الشعور بالأمن والأمان، مهما كبرنا أو تظاهرنا بالقوة نحتاج للشعور بالاهتمام والحب والقبول، ولا يختلف أحدنا عن الآخر إلا في أن البعض مشبع، والبعض الآخر غير مشبع. ان التواصل العاطفي من خلال لغة الإهتمام فن ولكن للأسف لا يجيده الجميع

الإهتمام هو احساس صادق ينبع من قلب يلامس روح من يعنون لنا لذلك ننهتم بهم و هذا يجعلنا نفكر، نبحث، نقلق، نشتاق ولو من بعيِد..

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Sometimes You Should Leap ..

Leap, and the net will appear. – John BurroughsLeap-and-the-net-will-appear

We all have dreams but sometimes we are afraid to pursue them and hold ourselves back. People can encourage us to commit and leap but this only comes from us, only when we are ready we will leap. Here is a question for you “When was the last time you jumped into something?!”

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غرقت في بحر الأحزان طويلا و نسيت ان القناعة سر السعادة، نسياني لنفسي نساني سعادتي التي كانت تكمن في قناعتي.

حبي واهتمامي لمن حولي جعلني أمحور نفسي و حياتي حولهم لدرجة اني نسيت من أنا.

تلامس حنايا قلوبنا بعض الأحيان مشاعر مؤلمة لا نجد لها مبررا أو سببـا فنلجأ لهم (هؤلاء الذين احببناهم) فأصدق عباراتهم هي ” الله يعينك” ومواساة سريعة تجعلنا نشعر بمدى حمقتنا للجوئنا إليهم .. هل كثيرا أن يكونوا هم من يملؤنا تفائلا وسعادة؟ هل كثيرا ان يمحوروا يوما واحدا حولنا ليمنحونا القوة؟

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This Girl Is …

Today, is one of the days where I doubted myself, questioned my actions and looked myself in the mirror and told myself “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” I blamed myself for many things. Yes I was hard on myself just like how others were hard on me. I was down for hours and instead of having someone remind me of my good traits and how good of a person I am I passed by a poem I wrote back in 2011 about ME!

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Happy International Women’s Day

Women have started carving out their own identity in society as young innerpreneurs, entrepreneurs, designers, sports-persons, explorers and experts in other fields of endeavor. In addition, they are shouldering the duty of housewives in a manner that would have been impossible a few decades ago.

Today we celebrate the 102 International Women’s Day. In 1911 – the year this day was first celebrated internationally, back then when women could not yet vote in most countries. Today, a number of women serve as presidents and in other positions of power. Let us recognize and respect the role of women in society

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Start being more polite to yourself

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?  The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.  You must love who you are or no one else will.

If  you wouldn’t treat anyone else that way, then why are you beating yourself up? 

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Sign Language

We hear people say “I want to learn French” “I want to learn Spanish” “I want to learn Arabic”, but have you heard someone say “I want to learn SIGN LANGUAGE”?

Sign language is now one of the most popular languages to learn, it can help us communicate to any person with limited language skills. Language and culture go hand-in-hand and without language, it’s impossible to learn the culture. Just like any culture Deaf people has their own culture too and to get into their culture we should learn their language.
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Be authentic and true to yourself.

Are you living a life that is more in tune with your “authentic” self (who you were created to be) or your “fictional” self (who the world has told you to be)?

We live in a crazy world that’s trying to make us like everyone else, but we should find the courage to keep being our awesome self. Being authentic, real and true to our-self is the ultimate freedom. We should learn to be the best version of our-self and if we cannot put our heart in it, we can take our-self out of it.

I am not saying it’s easy; because when it comes to living as a compassionate, non-judgmental human being, the only challenge is learning to walk a lifetime, comfortably in our own shoes.  When people are authentic it’s refreshing, real and truthful. There’s no games’ being played, just a clean, clear communication from the heart and soul.

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When They Don’t Smile Back

I Smile At Strangers And Feel Awkward When They Don’t Smile Back

I always knew that a smile is generally an expression of positive emotions, which can uplift a soul, who in turn passes that energy to another.  Smile is like medicine that spread quickly and heals the wandering soul. It’s contagious and acts like an antidote for the lost and unhappy. It’s a silent message of love. It’s a symbol of hope that there’s still good people around.  I like to smile and always make sure I greet someone with my smile. But I’m also guilty of being careful, protective and untrustworthy. I too have my days. But I realised when I keep my smiling face the problems or circumstances gradually fade away or solve itself. Therefore, when I smile to someone who doesn’t smile back I think it’s kind of rude, but I usually tell myself if they don’t, then maybe they are just having a bad day. Unfortunately, people here do not like it when you smile; they take you for being mad. I got the general idea; I smiled and didn’t receive a smile back. I’ve noticed that a lot either while ordering a meal or being in a shop or even in the whole way when I smile or even talk with a smile people have this approach of looking down at me, not only directly, but indirectly as well.

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