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Sometimes You Should Leap ..

Leap, and the net will appear. – John BurroughsLeap-and-the-net-will-appear

We all have dreams but sometimes we are afraid to pursue them and hold ourselves back. People can encourage us to commit and leap but this only comes from us, only when we are ready we will leap. Here is a question for you “When was the last time you jumped into something?!”

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Self Worth!

While people are celebrating, not believing, ignoring valentine’s day I am embracing my self worth. Realizing the true source of my usefulness and value. I have a question, How comfortable are you with your self-worth? Self-worth is important to the ultimate happiness you feel in your life because it is deeply tied into your ability to obtain your desires.
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My Awakening ..

Last weekend with the busy schedule, meetings, events and gatherings I had a day where I relaxed, slept and thought of many things. I actually shutted down and isolated myself from every thing and stayed with myself.  It felt like I reached to this time in my life where I felt that I finally get it … When the voice inside my head CRIED OUT, “ENOUGH! Enough fighting, crying and struggling to hold on”. Out of the blue I sobbed and began to sink in my tears and thoughts, I shuddered, I then blinked back my tears and through my wet lashes I began to look at the world through new eyes.Read more