Her Lovely Smile & Twinkle in Her Eye

I remember I was thirteen when I first saw her, I still remember her lovely smile and twinkle in her eye. Hala Kazim, an aunt, a mother and an icon who has a positive outlook on life and have touched my life in a very positive way since I was thirteen.

Hala Kazim was born in Dubai, UAE. She lived in the US for five years. She is currently married and has 5 children and a grandson. She started her private career by setting up her art company ‘My Private Collection’ in Dubai since 1993. Her art pieces were showcased in many of her exhibitions, and the first place I remember seeing one of her art pieces was in my grandparents living room.

Her art is amazing the collages and paintings using distinctly traditional Emirati jewelry and carpets are so unique and extraordinary.

Recently another company ‘Journey Through Change’ that focuses on providing and guiding individuals to bring good change in their lives. Her goal is to help people find clarity and fulfillment in their lives. Motivation, encouragement and patience are the key ingredients of sculpting a holistic approach to emotional and physical well-being.

People everywhere go through constant change in their lives and sometimes this makes them uncomfortable. Many of us have faced tremendous changes over the last decade from both a personal and professional perspective which has sometimes made moving forward difficult, even draining, with a myriad of challenges coming in different forms and from unexpected quarters.

What I love the most about her is her positive spirit and vibe of inspiration and motivation that she spreads with her smile. From her I learned:

  1. That the world always looks brighter from behind a smile.
  2. To never underestimate yourself
  3. To fight for what I believe for
  4. To accept the challenges of life
  5. To make a difference


Hala, is a leading Emirati woman who never fails to inspire everyone!

>> Writtern by Heba AlSamt


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