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Okay, so all what every one is discussing today is “Will Instagram Stories kill Snapchat?” disregarding the main subject which is the “ephemeral” functionality and storytelling. Before I answer the question everyone is asking I want to discuss few things with all of you.

First of all we all know that Instagram pretty much copied Snapchat stroke for stroke, that’s a fact and we can’t not acknowledge it. Second of all I respect that when Instagram CEO  interrupted the question about Snapchat being pioneered a lot of this format of content and saying “They deserve all the credit.” Third of all, with all my respect to Snapchat (I do use it and will still use it) I believe that Instagram re-used a a confusing feature and made it useful to everyone, with a number of improvements.

Saying all of what I said earlier, Snapchat is still powerful. Facebook has been copying a lot of other platforms features since forever. Long story short Snapchat is not going away, at least for now. Snapchat owns a deep emotional connection with the youth and it is their place. Facebook is somehow their parent’s place. This power cannot be over-estimated or disregarded because from my perspective no matter what Facebook does this generation will probably stick with Snapchat.

I always believed and said that Snapchat is more of a personal platform compared to any other platform and its audience differs. Ideally, the Snapchat audience are not trying to build a brand or build a community. It’s personal and that’s why many organizations, brands and companies didn’t succeed or didn’t know how to include snapchat within their daily social media tasks and strategy. It’s what they can easily do with “Instagram Stories” Now.

I myself don’t need another Snapchat-like place to move to and probably there are others who think the same too. Snapchat never failed to roll out new ideas and I don’t expect them to stop!

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