Month: August 2016

it’s been 12 Years …

Today its 12 years since you’re away
I miss you grandpa why couldn’t you stay
I still remember that day

I still can’t believe that you’re dead
When I was told i didn’t believe what was said
Until I saw you lying on bed

It haven’t been the same since then
I wish I can hug you again
And from my heart erase the pain

You are with me everyday
And not only today
I have nothing other than “Alla yr7meck” to say

Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories



Okay, so all what every one is discussing today is “Will Instagram Stories kill Snapchat?” disregarding the main subject which is the “ephemeral” functionality and storytelling. Before I answer the question everyone is asking I want to discuss few things with all of you.

First of all we all know that Instagram pretty much copied Snapchat stroke for stroke, that’s a fact and we can’t not acknowledge it. Second of all I respect that when Instagram CEO  interrupted the question about Snapchat being pioneered a lot of this format of content and saying “They deserve all the credit.” Third of all, with all my respect to Snapchat (I do use it and will still use it) I believe that Instagram re-used a a confusing feature and made it useful to everyone, with a number of improvements.

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