Do and Don’ts of Facebook Reactions

By now I believe that all of you know that the new Facebook reactions are here and gone are the days of the simple “Like.” Today we can express our love, anger, laughter, surprise and sadness on our friends’ posts. We’ll probably never get a true “dislike” button on Facebook, but at least Facebook  started to roll out something closer.


Anyhow, like any new feature on any social media platform we need to learn the dos and don’ts for how to use them while maintaining proper netiquette.

  1. The world could certainly use a lot less online drama. Don’t use the ANGRY feature on a political post you don’t agree with. Let people have their own opinions, political or not, and keep scrolling.
  2. Do LOVE kids pictures
  3. Don’t HAHA on someone’s venting post. Some people use the Internet and their Facebook page to vent. Respect that!
  4. It’s a bit more considerate than a “Like” when you WOW an important life event.

Don’t forget it’s not just you and them who can see this. Remember that it’s not worth the drama. Some feelings are best kept to ourselves, use these features wisely!

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