When someone discourages you; Go Hard with determination!

main-qimg-9a5eaafa72f46f4b69971b267cd78819It all started when that someone lashed out at me and said “You are a NOBODY!”

This someone and what s/he said literally made me sick for one whole week. I was in bed for days thinking and thinking until I decided to overcome it and use it to motivate me. Yes I was depressed,  frustrated, and felt “stuck” but I learned to turn things around.

When I first had the desire to change my career and pursue something  I loved, there were a few people close to me and one or two strangers who told me I would be wrong to pursue it and some judged me and others said I was misguided and that famous someone told me “you are a nobody no matter what you do!” Most of these people meant well; some did not. You must remember that you can’t please everyone around you. It’s just not possible. Even those you love most may disagree with you, and there will always be someone who doesn’t understand. Listen, and acknowledge others perspective and it’s ok to not do anything with it.

“When someone discourages you from doing something, you often feel that your freedom is being threatened, which motivates you to regain choice and control by doing exactly the opposite.”

When someone discourages you from challenging yourself either they lack confidence in you or are sabotaging you. And to answer your question of “How do you respond when someone discourages you or cuts you down?” I would say determine to shine anyway and let what you do speaks for you ..
P.S: I met that someone few days ago briefly and it felt amazing (:

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