We don’t know how to be social without our phones!

We can agree to disagree that we have passed the point of having fun without documenting it.

I have noticed many things recently and that’s not only in the teen generation we millennials are guilty of it too. Everywhere we go all heads are down even when a group are sitting/ hanging out together. The only time the heads are up is when someone says let’s take a selfie our a group photo and after inspecting and confirming the picture heads are down again.

Social events aren’t so social anymore because we can’t function without making sure everything is photographed.

Picture this with me, in the middle of a meal or a conversation, can you resist the urge to pull your phone out and refresh your feed or whatsapp someone? This seems to be normal. Unfortunately we have stopped living in the moment because it isn’t a moment for us until it is captured. (yes, I know that you agree but wait …) Some say that this is because they are sad, silly, lazy, addicted to tech ..etc.

Yes maybe but none of the above is 100% true. I believe that is because we have forgotten how to be social without our phones and some don’t know how. When we don’t know what to say, in moments of awkwardness and boredom we pull out our phone. This says a lot, our phones have become a place of comfort to many of us, a place we go to when we don’t know what to say next, in a discomfort and also to distract ourselves.

It’s a natural instinct, right!




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