Social Compliments Everything …

indexA new survey confirms that social media boosts TV viewing. The survey, conducted by Nielsen and the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, showed that 49% of women & 43% of men began watching a show based on posts in social media. A lot of talks and discussions are taking place regarding the death of television but I sincerely hope that evolution does not equal death.

Yet for my experience and what I see and have been debating it for a while Broadband, Netflix, Hulu and the plethora of other sources of ‘broadcast’ entertainment are not killing television they are reviving it, and giving it a new, 21st century twist. Yes, I do watch television shows and movies on my phone, tablets and notebooks, and many ‘m
ulti-screen’ in front of the LCD television screen. but that’s not the death of television. It’s the evolution of social TV. The social behavior is on the rise and as Jan Rezab said Millennials are watching less TV but still they are watching it, so no death for TV as far as am concerned.


According to Trendrr Twitter generates 3/4 of the social media activity related to television whereas Facebook only generates 16%. See, TV is not dead, or dying. Television is evolving with the culture that surrounds it.

The recent analysis document GlobalWebIndex produced on the impact of social on traditional media produced one quite remarkable insight. The endless shift to online, in terms of time spent, behavior and activity isn’t quite the reality. The more socially engaged you become, the more TV you watch and the more newspapers you read. This means ‘Social’ compliments everything, it doesn’t replace it nor eat into it.

Now, to make use of this  give the audience something to be ‘social’ about and share … Engagement is key and to engage you need content.

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