Periscope Updates iOS App

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.25.33 AMPeriscope introduced a brand new update to its iOS app, with new features like the mute feature in order to prevent you from being disturbed by whoever is broadcasting live all the time. The ability to mute someone does not mean that they are taken off your “following” list, and you can still be on the receiving end of their live feeds. However, you will no longer need to receive notifications whenever this muted person begins to “broadcast”.

Also you will be able to set your language preferences and this will determine which broadcast will appear on your global list, and this update also lets you check out viewer statistics whenever one is watching previous broadcasts. Adding to this the Handoff feature which allows the users to transition watching a broadcast from one device to another, this requires that both devices are available via Bluetooth, and are being used with the same iCloud account. It also requires you’re on iOS 8 and a compatible version of OS X.


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