The Message Behind #TheDress ..

So, last year Ellen DeGeneres broke twitter with her ‘Oscars Selfie’ and yesterday bluedress-315-new Caitlin McNeill broke Tumblr and the internet as others say by posting a picture of a dress on Tumblr with the caption “guys please help me — is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking..”


There was alot of debate and buzz about the topic some also used photoshop to help them find out what color the dress was. The dress is by Roman Originals, and the company knows its garment is famous. And the site describes it as “Royal Blue.” Some still probably th01-749ink it’s white and gold. That’s OK. Now on social media there are two teams #TeamWhiteGold is still going strong on Twitter and Facebook. #TeamBlueandBlack is winning, though. As the person who saw it in person says that the Dress is blue and black!

Adding the above the science behind all of this has been revealed ..

Getting to the point:

The reasons for the two camps that have been formed about the colour of this dress lies in primal biology and evolution. How it works is that, light rays enter our eyes which bounces off the retina to send a signal the brain about the colour of the object. But when light hits an object it illuminates, it often making it look a different colour. This bias is something our brain is supposed to ignore. But like in the case of this dress, some people are either ignoring the light (seeing the dress as blue and black) and others are not (seeing the dress as white and gold).

Why do you see white and gold?

When our eyes see something, the first burst of light, and its colour (made of whatever wavelength that corresponds with a particular colour) reflect off what you are seeing. This colour is supposed to be ignored by your brain. But what is happening in this case has a lot to do with evolution. When the human eyes evolved they did so, so that they could see in daylight, but daylight changes in colour and hues.  These hues are along what is called a chromatic axis making objects appear as different colours or hues at different points in the day. So, according to Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies color and vision at Wellesley College (in a statement to theorizes that what you are doing is ‘trying to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis’ (basically your brain is trying to see the real object without the illumination). So, if you are seeing white and gold, your brain is simply choosing to ignore the blue side of the spectrum.

Why do you see blue and black?

For all those people who see blue and black, let me just say one thing — your vision is absolutely fine. (I freaked out when I was amongst the few who saw blue and black and thought that I had become colour blind overnight). In reality, as per science, your eyes are simply discounting the gold side and seeing the dress as blue and black.

What is the real colour of the dress?

Right, so the dress is conclusively blue and black — in reality. But before all those seeing white and gold decide to make me feel like I am blind, here’s the scientific proof.

1. Photoshop found the dress to be blue and black: In a colour test done by the photo editors from and our very own photo editor who used Photoshop’s eyedropper tool the R, G and B values came back as black and blue (we took samples of different portions of the dress to include the shadows and illuminations due to light) and the values were –

R -134 G – 11 B-77 – Blue

R-91 G-74 B 46 – Grayish black

R-110 G-113 B-144- Grayish yellow

Therefore the dress is blue and black with yellowish light hitting it.

2. If you change the background of the dress you’ll see its blue: Another experiment that you can try is to take a print out of the dress and cut out a small portion of it. Now place this on a white background and you’ll see the dress as blue. Place it on a black background and you might see it as a bluish white shade.

In conclusion, the dress is definitely blue and black. 


P.S – I was with the #TeamWhiteGold but above all of the fuss I DON’T LIKE THE DRESS!

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