I Hope I Won’t Have to See This in 2015


With the new year spirit, resolutions and happy vibes I would like to highlight some social media sins that I hope it won’t be repeated in 2015 ..

  • #Stop#using#hashtags#like#decoration#
  • Stop checking-in into every single establishment, road you walk into. Especially if you’re one of those who accept friend requests from strangers you barely-know.
  • Stop mass-tagging. I mean why would you even tag me along with 40 others if I am not in it? Do not ghost-tag. It makes people hate you.
  • Stop pout selfies please , if you were supposed to look like a duck, you’d be a duck.
  • Stop adding people you do not know and then cribbing about the invasion of privacy you’re enabling it by being so needy in the virtual ‘friend’ department by the way.
  • Stop spamming by sending game requests please please please stop and for the Candy Crush lovers, please consider your own existence a gift from us and move on.
  • Stop follower harvesting. buying friends, followers and likes this won’t make you popular.
  • Stop self-promoting. Twitter’s ‘retweet’ button is great. Like everything though, it has a dark side. It’s nice to receive praise and encouragement on Twitter but the moment you hit that RT button that act of kindness is transformed into an opportunity for self-promotion.
  • Stop favoriting my conversations with others on twitter.

 Happy 2015 everyone!

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