Favorite or Re-tweet!


This question comes up a lot, is it better to “favorite” a tweet you like, or “re-tweet” it. Okay, let’s break it down first:

Clicking Favorite on a tweet is more often used as a bookmarking tool where you keep tweets that you find relevant, but have links to content that you’d rather read later on your tablet, laptop or smart phone. Now this is what it “means” but from what I see nowadays some people use it for many different reasons like:

    • I love it : The user genuinely does.
    • I share the same opinion :  Sometimes (not very often) this happens, too.
    • I fav it, cause I fav everything my friend says:  This is what friends are for… “Na!”.
    • I read your tweet: “So, let’s end this convo here!”

“Retweets do not mean endorsement, it means take a look!”

Re-tweet on the other hand means you’re resending someone else’s tweet to all of your followers. You’re showing “action” on your tweet stream and at the same time making the person who tweeted very happy (you spread the word with re-tweets!). A level of ambiguity is also observed with the Re-tweets, just as much as with the Favorites. But let’s take a look of the different meanings an RT can bring up:

    • I share this opinion: Agreement
    • I want you to take a look: Recommendation
    • Information Sharing
    • You retweeted me, I retweeted you: And so the story goes, payback!

[wpvideo wxT5treC]

Saying all of the above we can conclude tat both Favorites; Retweets leave quite a room to interpretation and at the end of the day it’s up to the user to decide which means what and act accordingly. Yet I would so much like it if we all agree on one thing for a change and act on it. So what’s your thought on this or what is your interpretation?!

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