The Rise of The “USIE”


BeZsgRsCAAAZH6h2013 was all about the rise of the “selfie” but 2014 is going to be totally different. I think that the “selfies” should step aside as there is a new type of picture is taking over social media streams which is “usie”.

Usie: A group selfie; a picture one takes with themselves and many others in the photo.
(as in US instead of SELF, then IE)

I have never fully understood the point of “selfies”  If you want to see yourself, look in a mirror. But an “usie” makes more sense to me.

‘Usies’ are of the opinion that two is better than one. An “usie” is a group selfie, where someone takes a picture of themselves with other people in the shot…[O]ne person in the picture has to be taking the photo, so the pictures still have that selfie signature outstretched arm.

Knowing that, now we can hashtag our pictures with the right terminology, a group “selfie” is not a “selfie” it’s an “usie”

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