A Reflection of A Rainy Day

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Here I am sitting in my office sipping my cup of coffee, and as I look outside my window I see the rain pouring down on Dubai. I stare for a second and then I welcomed the rain with a smile – the rain is very cleansing and gives me the opportunity to sit and reflect on life.

Rainy days are my favorite kind of days. I feel as if the rain, along with the grey cloudy skies, give me the perfect environment to relax and ponder. It really is the best environment for reflection. We are all given certain gifts, talents, and challenges to overcome. We grow stronger through our experiences and here is when we find our voice. There is positive and negative energy flowing around us each day, but it is up to us how to live it. Rainy days bring forth feelings of sadness and depression, that’s been the case for me at times and today.

For some reason I realized that my energy is dimming yet with my dimming I still tried to be on top of things and work, home and with my friends but today I stop and say I can’t always be on top of things, do everything, reach everyone’s expectations and be their for everyone. That’s consuming and draining me. I don’t abandon, forget or walk away. I stick to my promises and stick around as much as I can (whether you believe it or not) but when you surround yourself with people who you always have to prove yourself to them and will see you as nothing but the opposite no matter what you do, you should consider breaking free before it seriously affect you, your life and your health.

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My sadness have been bottling up and its time to release it; I need to be in touch with my emotions today, so should you. Don’t worry, it’s not unusual for feelings of sadness, depression and loneliness to arise during these periods of time,  welcome them as they come because these feelings need to be addressed. We should allow these emotions to surface and exit our bodies, don’t bottle them up!

In days like today  I usually come to some sort of awakening or conclusion about whatever issue I’m dealing with, just by allowing my emotions to exit my body. Do they same. It’s healthy to have a good cry. Yet again I shout out loud, I love rainy days, they’re good for the soul. Rainy days are God sent (just like me ;))

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