An Old New iPhone


Whether you have an iPhone5 or an iPhone4 iOS7 makes the iPhone feel reborn.

iOS7 is now available and as you all have learned, it’s different & polished. Alot of people commented and judged it from the first look yet after using it am sure they were impressed. Yes, few things needs tweaking but Apple are good in that and all will happen without us noticing … I love the Great new UI, the ability to multi-task, the camera is lovely. But the battery issues and iPad compatibility should be fixed. iOS7 is a new world to iOS users too and many are still getting used to it but once you do, you never go back and thats a fact!

Using an older version of iOS feels like driving last year’s S Class now that Mercedes has unveiled a new model that’s better in every way imaginable. There’s nothing wrong with the 2013 model per se, but the look that used to be sleek and the feel that used to be luxurious now both seem dated and outclassed. You might not have liked the more aggressive nose on the 2014 model or other aspects of the new styling at first. After spending some more time looking it over, however, you realized that it really is better in every possible way.

iOS7 make you feel like you have a new device even if it’s not!

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