Instagram Videos

Instagram just launched video functionality, which is 15 seconds in length with a variety of 13 new  filters. It also supports editing, which allows users to delete clips they don’t like and add new ones. Additionally, Facebook announced a new “Cinema” feature that digitally stabilizes video as it is captured on the iPhone or Android phones.

According to Instagram reps, the first day was a success: CNET says that app is claiming 5 million videos have been uploaded within the first 24 hours.

People are comparing the Vine’s and Instagram’s feature set, which makes sense. But instead of comparing I would say that both has developed it’s own culture and with succeed in it. Being an instagram user I can verify that everything on Instagram is beautiful and I can be positive and say that with the addition of video, we’ve now got a wonderful opportunity to make the platform more beautiful, but we should admit that Video is a different medium than photography. Just before I update and get the video feature on my instagram I can say that the app was smooth and fast, and after the update unfortunately everything buffers.

Please Don’t Ruin Instagram With Crappy Videos

I really hope that with this new feature that our feeds will not become polluted with crap. Because unlike the other services youtube, vine and keek there’s already something in place that we like a lot. From my experience though, I would say if you want to share videos everywhere, choose Vine. It allows embeds (Instagram videos are only viewable inside the Facebook universe, while Vine videos can live anywhere on the web: on Vine, on your website, in your blog, or anywhere you wish. That’s because Vine gives you embed code)

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