The Quiet Leader

The actions of a leader speak louder than his or her words.

The “Quiet Leader”  quiet-leadershipis who think first and talk later, exude calm,  prefer writing to talking and embrace solitude. They are the ones who stand out in the time where we are surrounded by “ego-driven” managers. (Yes there is a difference between a Manager & a Leader!) Instead of taking forceful & direct action, quiet leaders works behind the scenes quietly, carefully and patiently.  Their aim is to address serious problems and live by their values without damaging their careers and reputations and they influence others by their disposition, not position

Modesty is also a hallmark of quiet leaders, not to forget their patience and thoughtfulness. To them “criticism” does not help performance “acknowledgement” does, that’s why they watch out for how their people/team are challenging themselves, growing, learning and developing.

Transforming performance requires providing continuous positive feedback, in many forms, over time and the need to validate, confirm, encourage, support and believe in people’s potentials (Rock 2006).

Moreover, they are not controlled by their “ego” and do not like to be the center of attention. That’s why they lead from the back  to eliminate being the center of attention. Saying all of that can you relate to this? How many quiet leaders have you bumped in through your career?! (Not much I would say).

cloudIn short, quiet leadership is what moves and changes the world & this is what we need.

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