Month: June 2013

Instagram Videos

Instagram just launched video functionality, which is 15 seconds in length with a variety of 13 new  filters. It also supports editing, which allows users to delete clips they don’t like and add new ones. Additionally, Facebook announced a new “Cinema” feature that digitally stabilizes video as it is captured on the iPhone or Android phones.

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كن ذا مبدأ


يجب أن يبقى الإنسان ثابتًا على قيمه ومبادئه رغم المواقف المؤلمة التي يمر بها لأن هذه المواقف لا تُضعفهم ولا وتُفقدهم توازنهم بل تجعلهم أكثر إصرارًا على الوقوف على مبادئهم والمحافظة على قيمهم. مبادئنا هي الاسس التي تبنى عليها شخصيتنا فالإنسان مبدأ قبل أن يكون موقف و سلوك!

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The Quiet Leader

The actions of a leader speak louder than his or her words.

The “Quiet Leader”  quiet-leadershipis who think first and talk later, exude calm,  prefer writing to talking and embrace solitude. They are the ones who stand out in the time where we are surrounded by “ego-driven” managers. (Yes there is a difference between a Manager & a Leader!) Instead of taking forceful & direct action, quiet leaders works behind the scenes quietly, carefully and patiently.  Their aim is to address serious problems and live by their values without damaging their careers and reputations and they influence others by their disposition, not position

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