The Q10!


IMG_1695I am so happy to ditch the Z10 for the Q10. Compared to the Z10, the Z10 keyboard is GREAT as a virtual touchscreen keyboard, but my personal preference is physical keys. When using a touchscreen keyboard, you lack the passion you get from pressing into the keys. For example, if you are frustrated or angry, you usually use more force while you type and you express your feelings through the ALT button and the exclamation mark to get the exclamation mark. On the Z10, you don’t have that feeling, and it’s kind of boring!

Now, The BlackBerry Q10 isn’t revolutionary. Unlike the Z10, it’s not the giant leap from the old. However BlackBerry’s attempt with the Q10 is to keep the loyalists kinda happy and they succeeded. You can’t deny that it’s a well-designed phone with solid physical buttons and impressive operating system.

Here is more of what I loved in the Q10:

1- The speaker sound is GREAT it’s louder than the Z10 and 9900 which I like.

2- I find the screen more beautiful than the Z10.

3- On the Z10, I found the whole screen rotation feature to be really annoying even if you lock it and I love that I shouldn’t worry about it in the Q10.

4- The camera is SUPERB both the front and back camera and the auto focus is sharp!

5- The battery, the Q10 comes with a powerful 2,100 mAh battery meaning that it lasts a long time (longer than the Z10)

In general, the Q10 is comfortable and the screen is bright and bold. I recommend it more than I recommend the Z10. (If you really, really want a phone with a physical keyboard on it then yes. The Q10 is the best keyboard-toting phone around.)

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