Apology is not a sign of weakness, reflects confidence

imagesWith all do respect to those who think that apologizing is a sign of weakness, I disagree it’s a sign of strength and more importantly, it’s a sign of someone’s commitment to a relationship and it is the right way to redeem your reputation and convey your sense of fairness. When done right, an apology can enhance both reputations and relationships. Done wrong, an apology can compound the original mistake, sometimes to disastrous consequences. I believe that a sincere apology is one of the most powerful tools to which bring peace,  stop arguments and restore broken relationships.

“I regard apologizing as the most magical, healing, restorative gesture human beings can make. It is the centerpiece of my work with executives who want to get better.” –  Marshall Goldsmith

Remember that some things can only be repaired by an apology and nothing else, so don’t underestimate its effect. Apologies involve three elements:

  1. Acknowledgment of a fault /an offense
  2. Regret for it
  3. Responsibility for the offense

I regret the hurt I caused you, it is inexcusable and it will never happen again. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?

When you apologize you show honesty, humility and generosity therefor when you apologize you should make sure that you are aware of the above elements and that it’s not going to happen again. A genuine and effective apology can reduce the pain of guilt and shame and help resolve anger and also it restores power to the injured.

Now, saying all of that doesn’t mean that with one apology you get forgiveness, you should understand when to apologize, the effect it can have on you and the aggrieved.. You can not force someone to accept an apology.


If you say that an apology is a sign of weakness I say you are wrong its a sign of greatness despite what happens after that!

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