This Girl Is …

Today, is one of the days where I doubted myself, questioned my actions and looked myself in the mirror and told myself “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” I blamed myself for many things. Yes I was hard on myself just like how others were hard on me. I was down for hours and instead of having someone remind me of my good traits and how good of a person I am I passed by a poem I wrote back in 2011 about ME!

The poem said:

this is the type of girl who is soft-hearted everyday,

cares way to much about others but herself,

and loves to be happy and smile even when she’s down.

she’s not the girl who will use you in any way,

or the type that won’t let you down.

she likes unicorns, fairy tales and faith.

all of her friends mean a lot to her,

it doesn’t matter what they do or say,

she will love them forever.

this type of girl will always be there for you,

even when she’s the one who made the mistakes.

she keeps her promises when needed.

she never tries to hurt a person,

even if that person isn’t in her life.

she’s the type of girl who will believe in anybody,

not by look or what they are or who they are,

but what they believe in as well.

she has faith and trust in everyone.

this girl is not perfect, but she’s not imperfect.

she’s herself, and won’t change for anyone

this girl is Heba AlSamt … 🙂

After reading the poem, I remembered who I am, yes I did forget for awhile and unfortunately many forgot that too because I allowed them to over step and see me through there unclean glasses. Some hurts are eye-openers, I don’t need anyone to tell me what my good traits are, if all what they see is my flaws and if all what they are good at is showing me what my mistakes are then let it be, I am going to be me no matter what and if they are not good enough to be in my life or to know me its there bad because I ROCK!

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