Month: March 2013

This Girl Is …

Today, is one of the days where I doubted myself, questioned my actions and looked myself in the mirror and told myself “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” I blamed myself for many things. Yes I was hard on myself just like how others were hard on me. I was down for hours and instead of having someone remind me of my good traits and how good of a person I am I passed by a poem I wrote back in 2011 about ME!

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Happy International Women’s Day

Women have started carving out their own identity in society as young innerpreneurs, entrepreneurs, designers, sports-persons, explorers and experts in other fields of endeavor. In addition, they are shouldering the duty of housewives in a manner that would have been impossible a few decades ago.

Today we celebrate the 102 International Women’s Day. In 1911 – the year this day was first celebrated internationally, back then when women could not yet vote in most countries. Today, a number of women serve as presidents and in other positions of power. Let us recognize and respect the role of women in society

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