BlackBerry Z10: Likes & Dislikes ..

The Z10 harphoto11dware is impressive I must say, great display, responsive and has a nice texture on the back, making it comfortable to hold.

 Is the BlackBerry Z10 a groundbreaking smartphone? No, but it is a compelling BlackBerry device and runs on a solid new operating system.

I have been using the Z10 for few days and am finding things I really like about the OS and device and a few things I don’t.

  1.  I love how I can have several services set up and keep in touch with people in one central place on the phone – Blackberry Hub
  2. All platforms it’s own great keyboards. However, the keyboard implantation on BlackBerry 10 is unique and efficient – BlackBerry Keyboard
  3. The camera software is pretty basic and so far photos look OK, but not great – Blackberry Camera
  4. The lack of apps, many big apps aren’t available at all – Blackberry Apps
  5. The battery life is good, even in 4G mode – Blackberry Battery
  6. I love the “peek” gesture which shows the number of messages
  7. The web browser is solid and fast – Blackberry Browser
  8. You can share your screen with other BB10 devices via BlackBerry Messenger, by holding the volume up and volume down keys Now that’s SMART!
  9. The select, copy and paste is BAD!
  10. The BBM has been a cornerstone of the BlackBerry experience for years, and it gets a revamp with BlackBerry 10, not to forget the BBM video call which is not yet enabled here . This revamp is kind of confusing and hard to get used to. – Blackberry Messenger.

I strongly believe that the Z10 should still stand up well to the competition …

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