Smartphones and Boredom


Take a look arsmartphonestound today at people in line at a grocery store or waiting for their bags at the airport .. What do you see?! Most of them are staring down into a glowing mobile device,  passing time by checking on friends, catching up on texts or e-mail or playing a game. Thanks to technology, we can see a change in how people today kill time.

Between smartphones & tablets we’re becoming a society that’s ready to kill even a few seconds of boredom with a tap on a touchscreen.  Is smartphones dependency bad?

“Before smartphones came out, you had that down time where you sit on the bus/taxi/car and your mind just kind of wanders and you think of these amazing things. You get out that old thing called pen and paper and you jot it down.”

So, tell me Have smartphones killed boredom (and is that good)? Have your way of dealing with boredom changed after the invasion of smartphones?!

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