Month: December 2012

Smartphones and Boredom


Take a look arsmartphonestound today at people in line at a grocery store or waiting for their bags at the airport .. What do you see?! Most of them are staring down into a glowing mobile device,  passing time by checking on friends, catching up on texts or e-mail or playing a game. Thanks to technology, we can see a change in how people today kill time.

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The Union of the UAE shall forever remain

spirit_union_logo copyThe 2nd of December is the time of year we renew our pledge of loyalty to our country, celebrate our union, and cherish the memories of our country’s accomplishments. It’s the time of year where our hearts beat with love for those who are not with us today but are always present in our hearts filling us with pride and glory.

Forty One years have passed since the union was formed, and in each passing year,  the spirit of Our Father Zayed still shines brightly.Read more