Tech Detox: The Disconnecting Dare

This post is only for those who are up to the DARE!

The Disconnecting Dare is all about disconnecting for a whole day (and I chose this Saturday) It’s about give up your cell phone, iPod, laptop, iPad or any electronic devices (i.e. no Texting, no Facebook, no BBMing, no Whatsapping or tweeting) YES, A DISCONNECT, so you can connect with community, yourself and the environment.

So who’s in?! if you are, tweet this ” I will tech detox my life and disconnect to reconnect this Saturday #TheDisconnectingDare “ and make sure you share your experience with us Sunday morning … Let’s relax and unwind for a day!


3 thoughts on “Tech Detox: The Disconnecting Dare”

  1. I have tried Heba, but couldn’t manage to do so , have you ??

    You know .. may be because what you meant by this initiative reconnect are those people around you away from work, education and up-to-date stress means, right ?!

    what if the genuine social mean for you reside inside this cloud …
    I guess you wouldn’t DARE !!

  2. I have opened my eyes on that day and started to look for my mobile phone! Honestly it was very difficult to be isolated from the world. Although I am not a heavy user of Technology, however I’ve noticed that majority of my day to day transactions involve Technology. I wanted to check the movies showtime, Current Football matches Timing and messages from friends on whatsapp!

    One of the areas which I couldn’t get disconnected from was the office (Hope my manager is not reading my comment)! I believe work life won the battle against my social life since I was on on my emails all the time

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