Smartphones impact on us and on society ..

Are Smartphones & Cell Phones Impacting Negatively On Family, Business And Social Relationships?

Smartphones are one of the best pieces of technology that have been developed. It’s amazing that a piece of equipment that small in size can be so powerful. Smartphones have transformed our social interactions.  Nowadays, people are spending more time on their smartphones than on any other things.  Apple App Store currently has over 400,000 apps and the Google Android Market has over 250,000 apps and now Windows 8 Store is catching up. But when exactly is too much, too much?

With all of this I miss the time when we actually used to interact with each other and share a healthy discussion.

They say the overuse of smartphone and our dependency on it not healthy for our personal and business lives.  Maybe it’s time to revert back to traditional communication methods to improve the quality of our lives. Do you agree?

2 thoughts on “Smartphones impact on us and on society ..”

  1. It should our lifes easiyer but we abused it.

  2. There is no doubt that the technological revolution had a key contribution in our civilization nowadays. However, as normal practice for every action there is pros and cons. It started when we relied more on machines “devices” to do our jobs like Calculators, Manufacturing equipments etc .. til the time it reached our lifestyle and daily interaction as human being. some people got isolated from the real life and they were/are living their day to day life from behind screens. Some thoughts it is more comfortable and others simply are addicted to these new technologies with no boundaries or limits. Bottom line, this is not the end, however this is just a fashion which fall down once new technology over-ride it

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