TV Shows and Hashtags

“I strongly believe that TV Shows shouldn’t have a twitter account they can create a hash-tag & communicate with the audience through the Channel’s account” – Heba AlSamt

Today, the impact of social media on media has been to such an extent that even television channels are making their presence. Television channels are using the power of social media to increase the popularity of the shows which is awesome knowing that nowadays people are found multitasking on digital devices while in front of a television and sharing with their friends and live tweeting.

So Why a “hashtag” and not an “account”?

This is how I see it, TV Shows/Programs don’t last forever in this region. Season 1,2 and then no more. One month, two months and then another show replaces it when a channel is permanent and is not that easy or quick to be replaced or shut down.  Knowing that, why create an account on twitter for a show which will not last forever while there is an account for the channel itself  which will be there and will give more information to the audience about this show and other shows not to forget that it’s presence is already initiated.

Also, hashtags are becoming popular and hip so create a creative, catchy hashtag and introduce it to the audience and carry the conversation after the show or even better let the audience create the hasthag and then announce it.

Doing that, when the show/program ends or takes a break till it relaunches the audience will still be following the channel and can be introduced to other shows and news but if this show/program had an account most probably people will unfollow and here you lose your audience instead of maintaing and keeping them.

Both the hashtag and account serve two very different purposes but work well together.

This is my view, share yours?!

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