VOD is growing …

VOD (Video On Demand) is taking over the world … yes I believe in that.

Video on demand continues to expand around the world every day, which means that  TV content will find a wider audience globally. Nowadays, video is in demand, as never before. The days when if you missed an episode of a TV series you had to borrow a tape from a friend or wait for a repeat of the show is gone. Today we as audience are used to watching what we like, when we like, and we do not have to miss a thing. The audience is in control and this should be considered by all of the broadcasters and TV channels.

“On-demand is the future for sure.”

Video is growing and it is expected to double its magnitude in the UAE and according to sources around 70,000 user is subscribed to VOD platforms in the UAE. I expect VOD to witness a  growth of 40% in some markets in the next two to three years. It is a market that I would say is growing, considering that the service is still in its infancy in our region.

Free online tv provides users with an easy way to watch free online tv channels. There is no need for tv card or cabel connection anymore when an internet connection provides you with what you need and more. With the technologies we are surrounded by today, VOD allows users to view series, films and  clips over TV, mobile phone and the web. Meaning the viewers can choose when they begin watching as well as the ability to pause and rewind shows. Who doesn’t want that?

The number of IPTV users is expected to grow to in nearly 400,000 homes in the UAE by 2013.

Today, IPTV in the UAE counts less than 100,000 users this is still new to this region but once everyone is familiar, aware and open to it I predict that we will be seeing about 200,000 users over the next two to three years. Even with the growing and taking over of these services I don’t think VOD would effect the pay TV revenue, they are different services and complement each other. Also, there is some hurdles in the region where not everyone is aware of this technology and not everyone will pay for content, given the dominance of free satellite TV in the region.

So, Is VOD taking over the world? Tell me what you think.

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