What is #ff on Twitter?

Have you seen the #ff on your timeline today? #ff stands for “Follow Friday” and is a signal of your support and recommendation of fellow Twitter users to your friends. It encourages users to refer their followers to interesting ‘Tweeters’ the first user is interested in or admires or thinks is particularly knowledgeable on a topic. This started in 2009 when one man was considering the issue of who to follow – how to find good people on twitter.

Follow Friday is a way to direct your followers to others whom you are following. It is a friendly way to say you appreciate someone and think that others will appreciate them too. It isn’t hard for people to suggest folks to follow, because everyone has people they follow that they find interesting, insightful, funny, intelligent. Now the real reason of Twitter’s success is that people enjoy relationships with people they can be proud of, and in return, want other people to be proud of them. Therefore, they tweet and #ff them.

That’s it ..  Make sure to #ff your favorite tweeters today and if you run into the problem of having too many people to #ff, start another tweet. Enjoy it and remember that there are no rules to Follow Friday.

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