Our youth are our greatest resource, and future leaders.

It’s been a week since #TEDxYouthJum took place and I still can’t get over the happiness, inspiration, laughter and hope it filled me up with.

A day filled with dreams, inspiration, passion and above all of that it empowered our youth ….

It has been an overwhelming experience and words can’t describe how I felt while listening to the speakers.

Our youth are our greatest resource, and future leaders. Therefore, if we want to ensure a bright future for our country, we first need to strengthen and empower our youth with such events and initiatives. We as individuals should work together and be committed to empower our youth, promote their work & serve as a vital resource to them.

REMEMBER: We can’t always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

I am proud to say that our youth are motivated and inspired to achieve amazing things. With such events and initiatives we can share many of the success stories as well as help raise awareness and inspire others to break through obstacles, create their own opportunities, achieve awesome goals to become tomorrow’s leaders & give something back to this amazing country.

Lets lead the next generation and inspire them not tomorrow, not at some point in the future but starting today!

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