When They Don’t Smile Back

I Smile At Strangers And Feel Awkward When They Don’t Smile Back

I always knew that a smile is generally an expression of positive emotions, which can uplift a soul, who in turn passes that energy to another.  Smile is like medicine that spread quickly and heals the wandering soul. It’s contagious and acts like an antidote for the lost and unhappy. It’s a silent message of love. It’s a symbol of hope that there’s still good people around.  I like to smile and always make sure I greet someone with my smile. But I’m also guilty of being careful, protective and untrustworthy. I too have my days. But I realised when I keep my smiling face the problems or circumstances gradually fade away or solve itself. Therefore, when I smile to someone who doesn’t smile back I think it’s kind of rude, but I usually tell myself if they don’t, then maybe they are just having a bad day. Unfortunately, people here do not like it when you smile; they take you for being mad. I got the general idea; I smiled and didn’t receive a smile back. I’ve noticed that a lot either while ordering a meal or being in a shop or even in the whole way when I smile or even talk with a smile people have this approach of looking down at me, not only directly, but indirectly as well.

What has happened to this nation (not friendly anymore)? Why don’t they smile? Yes, life is not always a bed of roses, it’s hard, full of burdens, but who’s life is not?

Nowadays I don’t know whether to smile or not. It was said that our face is the mirror of our inner ego. I always smile and it’s not fake, it’s coming from my inner state. I like smiling and I think everything must be done with smile. However, when you smile people may be doubtful about it and they may assume strange things. To smile means to cheer up and never give up. It is hope. Even when you are in a bad mood or you are angry, smile, it makes you will feel the ease.

Smile as often as you  can whenever you can. You don’t need special reason to smile. Just keep on smiling. Life is a camera, keep smiling and never give up…!!!

Psssssssssst– Smile back!

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  1. Nobody share a smile even because it is so stressed life around

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