When Walking Away is The Solution


Sometimes we reach a stage where talking, arguing, fixing and negotiating doesn’t work out. We reach a point where we lose desire for even trying. Being in a toxic relationship is not healthy and sometimes by staying you are telling the other person that they can carry on making you suffer.

Yes we feel overwhelmed, guilty and unable to shake off painful ties, but perhaps its time to leave and walk away from what is causing such distress. It is important to recognize how serious the situation is and not be weighed down by this toxic relationship. The benefit of walking away is that you realize the new possibilities that are available to you.

A second chance is not a second chance anymore when you give it for more than 2 times and wishing that the other person who has maltreated you to recognize your suffering and admit their part in it. It’s self-delusion and will never happen!!

It’s time to live your own way, and act in accordance with that not according to what the other person does. Now, am not saying it’s easy and you must know that this might not give you the instant release you expect. This is why it’s important to stay true to yourself and keep holding to the meaning of what you doing and why.

Remember, you will need external support. Friends, family and perhaps even a new mobile phone number ….

Walk away, leave with purpose and don’t be weighed down by a toxic relationship and NEVER downplay any suffering. Cut off your feelings for a while and restore yourself and your strength to live a toxic free live.

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