Month: August 2011

A good deed goes along way!


I have realised that some people have now become careless – with absolutely no concern for others. Why people????

Selfish we have all become .. Is this who we are or who we used to be or did the technology and evolution and time change who we used to be and how we were bought and thought??? Showing concern starts from even small things, such as letting pedestrians not wait at the road side, but allowing them to cross the road in hot weather when you are in an air-conditioned car. Read more

Replenish Your Spirit This Ramadan

Westin Dubai  With the sighting of the new moon, Ramadan visits again and the holy month arrives with its unique atmosphere, gatherings and spirit. Some describe it as the “stomachs rumbling, mouths cotton-like, tempers not-so-manageable” month which is true nowadays but still I wont fully agree to it cause it is not just a month where we starve ourselves from Dawn to Dusk and stuff ourselves after the sun is down, it’s much more. It’s a month of prayer, meditation and getting to see those far relatives that we only get to see on such occasions. Spiritually its different, it’s a month of reflection, a month where we look back at all the things we’ve done, and try to do as much good as possible to correct our wrongs. It’s the month of peace. We have a period of fasting from dawn to dusk which consists of absence of food and drinks as well as any tobacco products and any thoughts or activities that are deemed unclean. Read more