Useless Begins with U

Your are feeling lousy and don’t really know what to do. Empty, useless and worthless. No one seems to understand this at all even yourself – they say ‘cheer up’ and ask you what the matter is. They tell you that you have everything going for you, and you shouldn’t be feeling like this. Some will comfort you and will try to tell you that what you are feeling is not true and others will tell you everything will be OK. They think you can ‘snap’ out if it but its not that simple – you wish it was. But you don’t know what the matter is, and can’t explain why you are like this. Does this sound familiar?

I’ve been in the “Empty, useless & worthless” phase (person A) and I also was in the place of the comforting friend and sister to some (person B). Here is what is missing “COMMUNICATION” while person A needs a shoulder and a person to hear them person B feels that the best way is to comfort and give solutions when they are not really needed.

When you are in person A‘s position you are already dealing with the fact that you don’t get what is wrong with you and don’t need person B to make it tougher by explaining something which is vague to you.

Remember one thing when you are in such phase. You are not a nuisance, in other words you are not a pain in the a**. You are not weak, useless or worthless. You’re a very nice, decent person who is not well at the moment. Everyone goes through this horrible period and go on to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Confidence, self belief  & self-value is  so important once you lose this you lose yourself and when you lose yourself you become useless, empty & worthless. Be firm with yourself and set your life purpose and goals in life again, its not wrong to re-write them and re-think them.

2 thoughts on “Useless Begins with U”
  1. I know how that feeling of lousiness and emptiness feels ,,
    sometimes you pass through many unpleasant incidents , they accumlate and create a big pain until you reach a stage where you dont know what’s wrong with you or in other words, you cannot distinguish which incident was bad and which one was the worst ,,
    here when someone asks you what’s wrong ,, you dont have a reasonable valid reason ..

    Lovely post bestie <3

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