If today was your last day on Earth ….

If today was my last day on earth I would write an individual letter to everyone who influenced my life.
In that letter I will express my thoughts about them and how they influence me. Then I would pour out all of my secrets to people who I know will keep them forever. I would tell everyone that I loved how much I love them and why I love them.

I would celebrate my life’s accomplishments and go overboard with gifts and fun events. Memories live on.

We hear people say “Live like there’s no tomorrow” and “Live each day as if it were your last”. If we live it literally and think that today is actually the last day of our life what would you differently?

2 thoughts on “If today was your last day on Earth ….”

  1. If today was my last day, i’ll write a letter informing my son, family and beloved people how much they made me loved and the person everyone is proud of today. I’ll deeply express how much they made my life worthwhile and valuable. I’ll tell them how much their overwhelming love, care and support made my life with meaning.

  2. If today was my last day I would have wishes to do things but the fact that I know myself very well that I am a “Lone-Wolf” type of person, I would sit alone somewhere far away from people or in the corner of my house on bed will wait to die, praying to God that he forgive my sins….

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