Year: 2011

When They Don’t Smile Back

I Smile At Strangers And Feel Awkward When They Don’t Smile Back

I always knew that a smile is generally an expression of positive emotions, which can uplift a soul, who in turn passes that energy to another.  Smile is like medicine that spread quickly and heals the wandering soul. It’s contagious and acts like an antidote for the lost and unhappy. It’s a silent message of love. It’s a symbol of hope that there’s still good people around.  I like to smile and always make sure I greet someone with my smile. But I’m also guilty of being careful, protective and untrustworthy. I too have my days. But I realised when I keep my smiling face the problems or circumstances gradually fade away or solve itself. Therefore, when I smile to someone who doesn’t smile back I think it’s kind of rude, but I usually tell myself if they don’t, then maybe they are just having a bad day. Unfortunately, people here do not like it when you smile; they take you for being mad. I got the general idea; I smiled and didn’t receive a smile back. I’ve noticed that a lot either while ordering a meal or being in a shop or even in the whole way when I smile or even talk with a smile people have this approach of looking down at me, not only directly, but indirectly as well.

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When Walking Away is The Solution


Sometimes we reach a stage where talking, arguing, fixing and negotiating doesn’t work out. We reach a point where we lose desire for even trying. Being in a toxic relationship is not healthy and sometimes by staying you are telling the other person that they can carry on making you suffer.

Yes we feel overwhelmed, guilty and unable to shake off painful ties, but perhaps its time to leave and walk away from what is causing such distress. It is important to recognize how serious the situation is and not be weighed down by this toxic relationship. The benefit of walking away is that you realize the new possibilities that are available to you.

A second chance is not a second chance anymore when you give it for more than 2 times and wishing that the other person who has maltreated you to recognize your suffering and admit their part in it. It’s self-delusion and will never happen!!

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A good deed goes along way!


I have realised that some people have now become careless – with absolutely no concern for others. Why people????

Selfish we have all become .. Is this who we are or who we used to be or did the technology and evolution and time change who we used to be and how we were bought and thought??? Showing concern starts from even small things, such as letting pedestrians not wait at the road side, but allowing them to cross the road in hot weather when you are in an air-conditioned car. Read more

Replenish Your Spirit This Ramadan

Westin Dubai  With the sighting of the new moon, Ramadan visits again and the holy month arrives with its unique atmosphere, gatherings and spirit. Some describe it as the “stomachs rumbling, mouths cotton-like, tempers not-so-manageable” month which is true nowadays but still I wont fully agree to it cause it is not just a month where we starve ourselves from Dawn to Dusk and stuff ourselves after the sun is down, it’s much more. It’s a month of prayer, meditation and getting to see those far relatives that we only get to see on such occasions. Spiritually its different, it’s a month of reflection, a month where we look back at all the things we’ve done, and try to do as much good as possible to correct our wrongs. It’s the month of peace. We have a period of fasting from dawn to dusk which consists of absence of food and drinks as well as any tobacco products and any thoughts or activities that are deemed unclean. Read more

Is it bringing us togather or driving us apart?

The internet has transformed the way we think about ourselves – the groups we belong to, the information we know. The internet has transformed the way we interact with our friends, too. Now, we are “in touch” with our friends more than ever: I can tell you what Ayesha had for lunch, what Hanan is listening to at the moment, and how Heba is getting on with her holiday in France. Even though I haven’t actually spoken to them: I have glimpsed their Facebook or Twitter feeds, while myself listening to the radio, brushing my teeth, or trying to write this article.

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الكائن الذي لا يعرف نفسه

الغريب في الإنسان هو أنّه رغم جهله بنفسه إلاّ أنه يظن نفسه مختلفًا عن الآخرين.. فكلّ شخص يشعر بأنه ” علاّمة عصره ” ويشعر بأنه شخص لا يفهمه أحد.. لا يحبّه أحد كما يجب ولا يلقى الإهتمام الذي يجب أن يلقاه من كل من هم حوله بالرغم من أنه لو تفكّر قليلاً؛ لوجد أن نصف سكّان الكرة الأرضية يشبهونه! وحياتهم تشبه حياته!

فأنتَ لا تعلم
لا تصدّق بوجود شخص يشبهك
ولا حياة تماثل حياتك

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The People-Pleaser

Are You A People Pleaser? (this is to all the people pleasers out there including myself)

People-pleasers “want everyone around them to be happy and they will do whatever is asked of them to” I know I am it took me years to acknowledge that. Here I am, an independent, successful woman with a mind of my own. How can I be a people pleaser? 

“They put everyone else before themselves,” For some, saying “yes” is a habit;  for others, “it’s almost an addiction that makes them feel like they need to be needed.” This makes them feel important and like they’re “contributing to someone else’s life.”

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My Awakening ..

Last weekend with the busy schedule, meetings, events and gatherings I had a day where I relaxed, slept and thought of many things. I actually shutted down and isolated myself from every thing and stayed with myself.  It felt like I reached to this time in my life where I felt that I finally get it … When the voice inside my head CRIED OUT, “ENOUGH! Enough fighting, crying and struggling to hold on”. Out of the blue I sobbed and began to sink in my tears and thoughts, I shuddered, I then blinked back my tears and through my wet lashes I began to look at the world through new eyes.Read more

Boost Your Immune System With a HUG

A close friend of mine “Iman Ben Chaibah” once told me that, We need 4 hugs per day for survival, 8 hugs per day for maintenance and 12 hugs per day for growth.

Hugging is healthy. It helps the body’s immune system, keeps you healthier; cures depression, reduces stress, induces sleep. It has no unpleasant side effects, and hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug as I always refer to it. Hugging increases your body’s production of endorphins. And above all hugging is all natural. It’s organic, naturally sweet, no pesticides, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and 100% wholesome.

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Useless Begins with U

Your are feeling lousy and don’t really know what to do. Empty, useless and worthless. No one seems to understand this at all even yourself – they say ‘cheer up’ and ask you what the matter is. They tell you that you have everything going for you, and you shouldn’t be feeling like this. Some will comfort you and will try to tell you that what you are feeling is not true and others will tell you everything will be OK. They think you can ‘snap’ out if it but its not that simple – you wish it was. But you don’t know what the matter is, and can’t explain why you are like this. Does this sound familiar?

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