The #Dubai Media Rage

“When the camel falls down, it is cut up with many knives”

I think its time I post something about the media rage against Dubai .. It’s a little disappointing to see so many judging opinions yet am not writing to lash out or criticize anyone but I believe that at the end of the day it is the investor who is responsible for wrong decisions!

Dubai will survive and recover. Dubai is an inspiration and vision of a great leader and ruler HH Sheik Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Although Dubai will struggle to rebuild, this unfortunate moment will make the community and people stronger. For those who say the world lost confidence in Dubai, I want to say “get real, who has lost confidence in Dubai? No one apart from the media of-course who only few years ago have been sucking up to Dubai.” I want to ask all who are down talking Dubai, Is Dubai the only city/economy in the world who has a debt? I don’t want to bring up names but this crises has effected many other countries just like it effected Dubai, so why not criticize and down talk them too? The financial crisis did not start in Dubai and will not end in Dubai.



We Emiratis trust our leaders and support them as well as believe in them. Dubai will come back and we are confident under the rule of HH Sheikh Mohammed. I want to remind you all that Sheikh Mohammed is a wise man and has led Dubai to be what it is today a SUCCESS and much more, and he deserves our love, support and trust. We will never be put down by global media bashing, we will never surrender. We will grow stronger. The whole world will then witness the rise of a new city, a new society, a new economy, and a stronger country. You know I believe with this crisis, we are actually uniting. Everybody in the UAE, All Emiratis from different backgrounds and origins are forming a new society, a new culture, a new revolution. We are all standing united against all odds!

In Allah we trust & we know Dubai is existing, it’s not a city of illusions and its not a mirage. Life is full of challenges, howeverer through challenges we become solid & durable. Look around, study well, where were we in 1995 & where are we now? Millions have benefited from Dubai strategies and iconic wonders, and magnificent architectures. Dubai & HH Sheikh Mohammed have introduced horizons in future planning & securing the future of own generation. He himself inspired and was an inspiration to the world.

Dubai opened up its arms to everyone that set foot on its land, a city that helped raise thousands of children to become successful women and men, a man that has lead the nation to believe each and everyone of us has the ability to make a difference for Dubai..the least we/you can do is trust, believe and love Dubai

The local media needs to support Dubai strongly. Spreading the positive outlook is very important for Dubai at a time like this. To those who consider to be stronger economies than Dubai, why did bankruptcy and bailouts pop up in those economies in the recent past? If they had such good systems and strategies in place, why did they go through a phase which shook the whole world for reasons unknown to them? Please leave Dubai alone to recover and I assure you Dubai will be back in style and strength in no time because it has always been an active business hub for the region & the current situation is a ”correcting phase”. Nothing can tarnish the reputation of Dubai!

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